Partner Training and Group Training

It’s always more fun working out with a friend!


Partner Training

Personal fitness assessment and training is available for individuals with similar fitness levels and goals. Contact trainer for more details and pricing regarding this service.

Group Training

For group training of 3-6 people, please contact me for further details and price quote. Pricing will depend on location of training, type of training, number of group, and frequency of training.



For the convenience of my clients, my training time slots are prearranged and scheduled in advance.  Because of this, I adhere to a strict cancellation policy.  I operate on a scheduled appointment basis for all sessions and require the client provide 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment.  No charge will be levied should the client cancel with more than 24 hours notice and the client reschedules within (1) week of cancelled session.  If the client does not reschedule, the client will be charged half of the session fee.  If the client cancels with less than 24 hours notice, the client will be charged in full.  No shows will be charged the full session rate.  The client must understand that all canceled sessions should be rescheduled to ensure consistency and fitness progress.  In the event of an emergency or sudden illness, the 24 hour advance notice is not required.  Although, as soon as the client is able, a phone call explaining the circumstances will be expected and appreciated.  The client will not be charged for an emergency or extenuating circumstances that happen to either the client or myself.  The client will not be charged the session rate if I am unable to make the scheduled time due to an emergency, bad weather, or bad traffic.

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