Summer Workouts Had HIM a Blast! (In the “Grease,” “Summer Nights” tune, of course!)

I had such a great measurement day with an in-home client yesterday, I feel the need to share!

I meet this client once per week  in his backyard and he does a great job on his own doing his homework and following his food plan. During our hour-long sessions, we use the stability ball, TRX Suspension Trainer, dumbbells, resistance tubing, a bosu and a BowFlex bench that he acquired a couple of years ago and up to our meetings, had been acting as a great bird perch in his backyard! Now, he has a new use for the BowFlex and weight-loss to make him want to continue using it (for the use it was originally designed for)!

He has been so much fun to train over the past 3 months and it has been inspiring and motivating watching him lose weight and inches month over month. Weight-loss and changing your body composition is NOT easy work. He has put in what it takes, however has also enjoyed BBQ-ing with his friends and family on weekends and was able to take his wife out for a surprise anniversary dinner which included appetizers, entrees AND desserts. It is still possible to enjoy life, and food in moderation, as long as you’re putting in the hard work to burn those calories!

Check out his measurement chart showing his continuos inches and weight loss month over month!

Victor Vallerga

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