Overcoming Physical and Mental Challenges With a Little Willpower and Hard Work!


Halloween 2011

My name is Brian, and my journey to a healthier lifestyle began two years ago when I made the conscious decision to change my life forever. I grew up in a household of constant indulgence of every fatty food one could imagine, and I had no understanding of the human digestive system at all until my girlfriend (now my fiancée) showed me an easy way to learn the fundamentals of nutrition. I learned with the help of weight watchers, and my girlfriend’s own experiences in weight loss. After eight months of dedication to this one aspect of the healthy mind-body continuum I had lost seventy pounds of pure unadulterated FAT! Though the success of my endeavors had me soaring upon cloud nine I knew that a component was truly void from my voyage, EXERCISE!

At this point my choice became brilliantly apparent; I have to find a personal trainer. The question lied therein, “but who?” I searched through every personal trainer I could get my hands on in Napa, and after an arduous and diligent search I had deciphered whom I would hire based upon the criterion of price, knowledge, experience and practice, as well as certifications. Emily Lorandeau fit this description beyond doubt, and soon after my fiancée and I had booked ten sessions with Emily knowing not that she would change my life forever. There is no amount of ‘personal training’ videos or tutorials in the world that can amount to the true integral value of having a REAL trainer to assist in reaching goals, and ultimately the potential we all possess within. I am not going to lie and say that I started out with flying colors. I felt at times my fiancée and I were making Emily work harder than we were to keep up with our fumbles and follies.

Brian running the "Run for Your Lives 5K" in Clearlake, CA - May 2013

Brian running the “Run for Your Lives 5K” in Clearlake, CA – May 2013

There has never been a session where I was not challenged due to Emily’s progressive training style, and I can honestly say that after fourteen months of training with Emily I am a changed man. Challenging myself physically has made me aware of the mental barriers I create in my life because both are challenges that can be overcome by willpower and hard work. Without the guidance and support of both my fiancée and trainer I would be a heaping mess of anxiety, doubt, and quite honestly laziness! For these reasons and many more I have decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer myself, and I have Emily to thank for that because she has given me the knowledge–quite literally because I have read her certification books on loan–and drive to in hopes of one day meeting people just like myself who wish to unleash the hidden potential of their mind and body.

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