Eating Healthy! Grow Your Own!

Veggie planting season is HERE! I am so excited about my own veggie garden, I figured I would post pictures to inspire anyone who is thinking about planting their own crops this season. I cannot wait until I can harvest these!!

Zucchini bikini!! Grilled zucchini in the summer is SO good and low-cal! Now… stuffed zucchini flowers on the other hand, amazingly delicious, but probably not the lowest cal option! ;)

Now THIS might be my most favorite and exciting part of my garden!! First season to produce. My favorite fruit of all time. Now if only I can keep the birds far away and leave these little guys alone!! Nectarines!!!

Any of you following me on Instagram (emilycaligirl) has seen my cute little herb wall, but now I’ve added a few more! Dill, basil, parsley, thyme, cilantro, oregano, mint and 2 types of chives (onion and garlic)!!! How great is it when you can pick your own, fresh, herbs for meals?!

April 22nd and I already have little, tiny, green tomatoes!! Keep the heat, Napa!!

Yummo Strawberries! These in some greek yogurt is one of my favorite breakfast options!

Sugar snap peas all climbing a trellis. Great way to hide anything ugly you might be storing behind the garden. In my case: garbage bins ;)

Hello little, baby cucumbers (can you see them?!)!! 4 cucumber plants and making then all climb a trellis rather than crawl on ground! Great space saver if you have a small garden space!

Lettuce for all the ah-mazing salads I will be making! Green beans are climbing the 3 green poles making a little green-bean-teepee to protect the lettuce from sunburn.

Red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, 2 padron pepper plants, jalapeƱo and red chili peppers!!! Can’t wait for summer guacamole with some heat!

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