Exercise on the Road!

Currently, I have 2 clients traveling in Europe, 1 client in South America, 1 in Tahoe, 1 in Australia, 1 in Idaho, 1 in Washington D.C., 1 in Florida… well, you get the picture! For some people, their exercise program is put on hold during vacations, but for others, the main question I received before they left was:

“What am I going to do without training with you for the entire week [month, etc]?!”

It always concerns me when clients go away, because it throws them off their exercise schedule and many people just don’t workout for the week, or more, that they’re on vacation. All it takes is 2 weeks for people to start losing muscle, strength and coordination; everything that we had been working on for months prior to their vacation. It’s important to me when my clients return, and it’s measurement day, that we can see the weight and body fat is still going down and their circumference measurements are continuing in the right direction. If someone puts their workouts on hold for 2 weeks, there is a very good chance that those measurements are not going to be in our favor, and that is just discouraging (for BOTH of us)!

So, here’s the deal: There are NO EXCUSES when you’re traveling! Most vacation spots these days have trails to be hiked, beaches to be walked on and bicycles to be rented. So, do it! Don’t be a lump in your lounge chair drinking beer/wine and eating s’mores all week. For those of us going on a business trip or are a part of an organized tour group chance are, we are staying in a hotel, and chances are that hotel has some kind of workout room somewhere in that building. If not, I have created a hotel room workout and all you need is the standard hotel room furniture and your body weight against gravity!

Ottoman = Step-ups. Bed = Decline Push-ups. Chair = Tricep Dips. Window = Rip Trainer anchor point. Hotel room = great full-body workout! All with a great view! ;)




So seriously, no more excuses, you travelers!




**This program is a generic routine. It does not take into consideration knee, back, shoulder or other musculoskeletal issues or cardiovascular limitations. If you have any health concerns, please consult with me or another fitness/health professional before carrying out these exercises. Do not continue with these exercises if you experience any joint pain or an irregular heartbeat**



Jumping jacks/jog in place – 5-10mins

Circuit 1 (core/spine):

Prone back extensions – 15 reps

Bridge with spinal articulation – 12-15 reps

Crunches – 25 reps

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 2 (legs, chest, abs):

Squats (or squat/jumps) – 15-20 reps

Push-ups – 15+ reps

Bicycle crunches – 15+/- reps each side

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 3 (legs, core, cardio interval):

Walking or stationary lunges (depending on space) – 15 reps on each side

Plank (Alternate leg lift) – 1 minute hold

Burpees – 30 seconds – 1 min

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 4 (legs, core, cardio interval):

Step-ups (using hotel desk chair) – 12-15 reps each leg

Side plank (lower/lift hips) – 10-12 lower/lifts each side

Mountain climbers – 30 seconds – 1 minute

Repeat 1-2 more times



Voila wanderlusters! Enjoy your trip!

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