Terilynn Gives up Lounging for Lunging and Loses Inches!


I met Terilynn when I joined a bocce team in April 2010 soon after I moved to Napa. She was (and still is) fun and happy and loved to talk… to everyone! We had a great time playing bocce, eating amazing foods, drinking wonderful wines and we always chatted about many of our daily happenings except her weight-loss and nutrition attempts.

The summer of 2011 rolled around and a new season of bocce had commenced. Terilynn showed up that first evening 20 pounds lighter with a dish of bacon-sausage something to share and started telling me all about this high protein/no carb diet she was on.  That’s when our love/hate relationship truly began. :)

Terilynn had done an amazing job losing weight on her own between January 2011 and May of that year; however, she admitted that she was experimenting with fad diets and not really focusing on exercise. She told me that she started taking yoga and Zumba classes once per week, but she did not really know a whole lot about strength training or how to increase her cardiovascular exercise. It was another three months talking with Terilynn about her nutrition and exercise plans before she decided to invest in her health. We started training that August and she has overcome some pretty big plateaus!

This is (the beginning of) Terilynn’s story, in her own words:

“Exercise?! Sure, I exercise. By walking to dinner.”

“RUN??!! NO WAY!! You have got to be kidding me!”

“Of course I eat healthy! Beans, tacos, tortilla chips, LOTs of veggies and no sugar!”

These were the things I used to say before I became serious about my health and fitness.  January 2011, I was looking through photos from my ladies New Year’s weekend and I did not like what I saw.  I resolved to make a change.  Ever since I decided to make that change, I have seen results. There have been days which are easier to workout and other times it is just SO hard to stay motivated.  My challenge is making the time and not letting anything get in the way of a workout.  With Emily’s help I have set up a program and when I follow it, I feel great! I keep my weight down and my clothes fit FANTASTICALLY!

Now, let’s be clear… I am not thrilled that I must workout or do challenging moves like squats and lunges.  I’d much rather lounge around. Well, at least until I begin to miss how I feel after a workout.  It still feels odd when I think about how I miss feeling sore!  When there is not a little ache somewhere in my body, just to prove that I worked out, I crave exercise. It is truly strange to hear myself say that!

How did I go from a NON-believer & exercise AVOID-ER to an activist & ACTION-ist?

Emily made it easy! When I met Emily, I was starting my second “diet.”   The first one did give me results and I was happy to have lost 20 pounds and not be a saggy mess of skin.  I will not lie; it was HELL!  The diet I chose & paid for the supplements to torture myself with, was NOT fun! As I began the second “diet” to continue losing, Emily asked me when I was going to get serious about making a change.

 “What?! I am serious! Look at me, I am not eating the bread, just the bacon!!”

While I was not enthusiastic to start an exercise routine, Emily was right.  I needed a nutrition & exercise plan to meet my health and fitness goals.  She has guided me to a varied exercise plan; mine was too predictable & not nearly strenuous enough.  I have also learned more about the food balance I need to help me stay fed, yet not over-fed. I have found that if I focus on 2 cups of greens at each meal, I can make better choices.

Today, I feel better and look better.  I LOVE getting compliments from others who tell me I look great.  I owe it all to Emily, because without her support I would lounge instead of lunge!

Emily has been the one to help me make this change. There were three people who went on that first diet with me back in January 2011 & today they are putting themselves through the torture again.  I made a gradual change with Emily. She started me out slow, without pushing me to do the things I hate. However, when she showed me how many inches I had lost and body fat percentage I had shaved off, I asked for more exercise.  ME, the exercise AVOID-ER! I have realized that my health must come first! It’s not about FINDING the time, I must MAKE the time & prioritize my responsibilities. Emily has been great in helping me understand that. She has inspired me without making me miserable.  We have a good time and there have been less than a handful of times I could not walk without wincing!

Thanks Emily for not giving up on me and continuing to ask me about my health before we started working out together. Thanks for your patience & reminders during my birthday celebrations & holiday season. And, yes Emily, you’re right. Birthdays & holidays are just ONE day (not an entire month of celebrating). I will keep saying that to myself and make a change.

“OK body of mine, time to get serious & continue to follow that plan.”

Em, when did you say my next appointment with you is?



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