Length Adjustment Rules for the TRX Suspension Trainer

For some reason, I have a pet peeve when I see people using the TRX Suspension Trainer at the incorrect lengths for certain exercises. So, here is the breakdown:

There are 4 length conventions of the Suspension Trainer: 1. “Length Short” 2. “Mid Length” 3. “Length Mid Calf” 4. “Length Long.”

Length Short



Length Short: The yellow adjustment tabs are at their highest position on the Suspension Trainer. They will line up with the single hash mark on both straps. The Suspension Trainer is used at Length Short position to perform all variation of rows. For example: TRX High Row, TRX Mid Row and TRX Low Row.






Mid Length



Mid-Length: The yellow adjustment tabs align with the double hash marks in the middle of the main straps. ALL standing exercises (except for rows and 3 others which are performed at length long and will be discussed momentarily) are done at mid-length.





Length Mid Calf



Length Mid Calf: Handles are at knee height/foot cradles are at calves. TRX Lunge is done at this length and any exercise that you perform on the floor: Plank, Mountain Climbers, Atomic Push-ups and Hamstring Curls to name a few.





Length Long



Length Long: When the adjustment tabs are at their lowest point on the straps, the foot cradles should be 3″- 4″ off the floor. The chest press, sprinter’s start and front squats are the only exercises using the Suspension Trainer at “Length Long” when discussing basic exercises. There are other exercises that are performed at this length once you progress into the more advanced exercises which I will discuss in a future blog.





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  1. mom says:

    Hey Em – I’ve been doing the TRX more faithfully recently and I certainly see the results in my arms. It is the first time I’ve ever done arm exercises where I feel it makes a difference. Lifted lots of weights over my exercise lifetime and never had my triceps burn like they do on TRX. Everyone should try it.

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