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THURSDAY – SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 – NAPA, CA – Emily Lorandeau is owner of Workout with Emily, which she describes as “personal training to your door, at your convenience.” Her business is new in Napa, but she has more than a decade of personal training experience.  - J.L. Sousa/Register


Workout with Emily

Personal trainer




You may want to lose a little weight, tone up those muscles, recover from an injury or just stay fit. Emily Lorandeau believes she’s the one to help you.

Workout with Emily provides personal training in any setting, including your own home.

Thirty-year-old Lorandeau said she wanted to become a personal trainer since she was a teenager.

“In high school I took a human anatomy class when I was 17,” she said. “I had to study the bones and the muscles. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to do something with the human body.”

Lorandeau recently moved her business from New York City to Napa.

“I have experience at training all ages,” she said. “Men and women, all with different goals. Right now I train a teenage girl who wants to lose some weight and learn to work out. I also train a 69-year-old, 400-pound man who wants to lose weight and have a better quality of life.”

Lorandeau said she’s always looking for a new exercise or program to challenge people at a different level.

“I work with opposite ends of the spectrum,” she said. “I train a lot of brides preparing for their weddings and a lot of pre-baby and post-baby women trying to get back to their pre-baby weight. I have a pretty diversified clientele.”

Lorandeau, an avid soccer player, has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years.

“I have a specialty in sports performance,” she said. “It’s called a Performance Enhancement Specialty through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.” Lorandeau added she has a B.S. in health science studies from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Lorandeau is a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also carries specialties in corrective exercise, which is post-rehab and injury prevention. She is Pilates-trained and has a certification in pre- and post-natal fitness, and a specialty in movement screening and postural analysis.

“I’m also studying to become a TRX suspension training professional,” she said. TRX is a training system using body weight and leverage against gravity.

A lot of what Lorandeau does is teaching people the culture of exercise.

“It’s all about creating that habit and building that lifestyle. It takes about 20 days to create a habit,” she said. “Once you start seeing the differences, at that point you have to evaluate where you are and what to do next.” However, “It’s hard to get to that point without coaching and motivation,” Lorandeau noted.

Lorandeau said she often finds that people start working with her for a specific reason, such as getting in shape for a wedding, only to continue for years. She explained there are chemical changes in a person’s body that sometimes make them want to continue with a fitness program.

“When people start exercising and their serotonin level starts to change, it keeps them wanting to work out,” she said. “It’s very gratifying. They come back and it’s exciting.”

A lot of people find they run into plateaus when they work out. Lorandeau said she can work around that.

“The key is to constantly change up the workout,” she said. “I’m always giving them something new to think about and challenge their bodies. If you keep challenging their bodies, they can overcome plateaus.”

That one-on-one contact keeps Lorandeau interested.

“I think the most interesting part is the relationships I build with all types of people,” she said.

“I’ve had people who’ve gone 10 sessions and some who have trained with me for three to five years. I think a lot of people need a trainer for the motivation and the education.”

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