Fitness Assessment Pay Pal Link is Active!

Purchase your initial hour and a half fitness assessment using the pay pal link that is now active on my Rates Page! The fitness assessment will determine baseline numbers and measurements including the following:

  • Body fat percentage – using a hand-held, bioelectrical impedance machine.
  • Target heart rate zone
  • Circumference measurements – neck, right and left arms, chest, natural waist, at the naval, hips, right and left thigh and right and left calf.
  • Postural assessment – identifying leg length discrepancies, pelvic rotation/hip hikes, pronation/supination of the feet, coxa vara/coxa valga, rib cage rotation, shoulder height discrepancy, rounded shoulders, forward head, spinal alignment and more!
  • Movement assessment – including gait assessment, overhead squat assessment, single leg squat assessment and more if necessary.
  • Strength testing
  • Cardiovascular testing
  • Flexibility testing

With baseline numbers established, I can then develop an efficient workout plan to meet your personal fitness goals, correct postural discrepancies and avoid injury.

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