Officially Under 400-lbs!

Some of you may have read one of my first posts about the client I started training at the beginning of July weighing over 400-pounds. Well, today, Aug 1st, was (dun, dun, dun…) weigh-in day!

I have to admit, man was I stressed out about taking his measurements today! It was all I could think about last night and this morning. While driving to meet him today, I found myself reciting what I was going to say to him if he hadn’t lost weight – a pep-talk of sorts, something to keep him from getting discouraged; whatever I was to say, JUST KEEP IT POSITIVE!

I wouldn’t have been so nervous if he hadn’t been a little too eager last week. You see, he found a scale, and… decided to test it out. Ggrrr. He knew measurements and weigh-in day was just around the corner, but he couldn’t help it! He just had to step on. Frankly, I don’t blame him. He had been putting forth such an amazing effort during our sessions and was going to the gym on his off days to do the homework I was giving him. He just had to have lost weight, right?!  …4 pounds. 4 pounds?!

He told me about the scale incident the next morning and I could see the disappointment on his face. He had done numerous diets in the past which were all more successful than this painful, grueling, tormenting thing called exercise. Why shouldn’t he just go back to the Atkins Diet, or reactivate his lifetime membership at Nutrisystem and quit the gym!? My heart sank too, but I couldn’t let him know how discouraged I felt. I explained to him that it was a different scale and it may not have been calibrated correctly, he has been under great amounts of stress (his mother just passed away 2 days prior) which can cause people to hold onto unwanted weight and ultimately, it’s really about how the clothes are fitting and what the tape measure says, not the number on the scale.

He promised me he would stick with the exercise and acknowledged the fact that he never should have stepped on the scale by himself. He should have waited for the following Monday – our official weigh-in day.

He arrived to meet me today 10 minutes early. He told me that he went for a walk on Saturday, moved stuff out of his mom’s apartment and went to the gym on Sunday where he completed 30 minutes on the bike. He was nervous too. We started measurements…

-0.25 inches at neck (hhmmm, I was expecting more…)
-1 inch at chest (OK, that’s a bit better)
-0.5 inches in both arms (still a bit nervous)
-1.75 inches at waist (that’s more like it!)
-3  1/8 inches at hips (now THAT is what I am talking about!!)

He lost a total of 7.75 inches!

Official scale time… it took what felt like 5 minutes for the digital scale to finally spit out a number. Seriously, those red dots waved and swirled and paused, and then waved again, and again, and swirled some more and then… 398.1! WOOHOO!! Officially under 400lbs AND 10.5 pounds lost since July 5th! The widest smiles came across both of our faces and a big high-five was given. Man, was I happy and oh so relieved! He was too. He couldn’t wait to get home and text his wife.

1 month and 10.5 pounds down. Many more to go, but we certainly stepped out on the right foot! Until Sept 1st…!

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