Hot Summer (and Hungry) Night? Ceviche to the Rescue!

The very first time I ate ceviche was while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico¬†watching Green Bay rock the Steelers’ world during the Super Bowl this past February. Of course ceviche is a super bowl snack! I was in Mexico! I really enjoyed it that night and as soon as summer hit in Napa Valley, I started having cravings for the stuff! A friend of mine made a great ceviche a few months ago and brought it to our bocce league night to share. I’m pretty sure it was then that it donned on me how easy it would be to make for myself!

My boyfriend called me this afternoon asking what I felt like for dinner. As much as I may preach to PRE-PLAN your dinners for the week, I admit, I may forget to pre-plan sometimes… I’m human, people! (I do have to sneak in here though… when you pre-plan your dinners and prep them on a Sunday for that upcoming week, MAN it makes life OH. SO. MUCH. EASIER!! And healthier!) OK, so when you don’t pre-plan… and it’s Monday… and you finished your healthy little salad with 1/2 pc chicken breast for lunch 2 hours ago… and all you can think about is what you’re going to eat next… and it’s time to make a day-of decision on what to eat for dinner, the hardest part is just making a healthy choice! For my boyfriend and I, we agreed that we were kind of sick of chicken and we had pasta over the weekend so we had to eat healthy tonight. He mentioned fish, and I said “ooohh! What about ceviche?! Let’s find a recipe that looks easy and tasty!” Luckily, he was totally on board and sent me a link to a recipe within a few minutes. So, here was our hot, summer Monday night dinner -¬†super healthy, super clean and fresh, yummy and filling!

Click here for recipe!

I have to let you know that we did not use the mayo and I actually quickly seared both sides of the fish over the grill – just because eating raw fish that we bought from the store ourselves was kind of freaking me out. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some sushi and sashimi and I will easily eat raw fish in my ceviche that gets served to me in a restaurant AND I completely trust the quality of food that I buy from Whole Foods (where we got this tilapia), but I just couldn’t do it. So, I quickly grilled both sides – it was still pretty raw on the inside.

Please let me know what you think of the recipe! Would you change anything? Add an ingredient or leave any out? What are your thoughts on eating raw fish you buy yourself? Send me YOUR favorite ceviche recipe! I would love to experiment to find my favorite!

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2 Responses to Hot Summer (and Hungry) Night? Ceviche to the Rescue!

  1. Tim Irwin says:

    Yummo! That was one delicious dinner…

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for shopping for, and chopping, all of the ingredients! Looking forward to having my lunch of leftovers tomorrow!

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