Hiking and Trekking and Climbing…

I am from the East Coast. Raised in a town of 400 people. 1.5 hours to the nearest mall, 2 hours to the nearest (major) city, 1.5 hours to any (decent) ski mountain and 1.5 hours to the closest airport (Manchester wasn’t really happening back then). So, with that, the natural surroundings became my friend. Hours of hiking and trekking and climbing through the woods, swimming in lakes and rivers and building forts and tree-houses. That was my active, carefree childhood. Then… I moved to New York City.  I LOVE New York City. As a young child, even on my longest trek into the woods behind my old colonial, stone-foundation home, I dreamt of living in NYC. So I did. And there, I trekked city blocks, climbed 6-floor walk-ups and dodged and weaved tourists (and cars).  I estimated, at one point, that I walked on average, 8 miles per day. So, it’s pretty easy to say that I have hiked and trekked and walked my whole life. I have never really lived much of a sedentary lifestyle.

Leaving NYC was hard for me to do, but I was excited about living in Napa Valley, a beautiful place situated just right, between mountains and beaches and lakes and city! I have to admit, I was nervous about how my body was going to react going from 8 miles of walking per day to (dun, dun, dun…) sitting in a car to get around. But, wait! I can climb mountains again! And, I have. Napa itself is filled with hiking trails, mountain biking trails and hundreds of roadways with bike lanes to zip along on your road bike.

Check out the Napa County Bicycle Coalition for events and resources.


I found this awesome site for hiking in and around the valley.


Views from the top of Mt St. Helena:  Keep in mind that the “hike” is following a fire road to the top, but you get great views of the valley and of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada’s off to the East on a clear day.

Views from the top of Mt. St. Helena

Table Rock: Trailhead is across the street from Mt. St. Helena trailhead. Great views of Napa Valley and lots of rocks to scramble around!

Enjoying the views at the top of Table Rock!

Alston Park: Great for trail running and mountain biking (also great for a picnic). I slipped in some mud and cracked open my knee one day. That was pretty awesome. Just be careful if you go up there after a rain!

Looking North from a picnic spot in Alston Park.

Once you have fulfilled your Napa hiking and biking fixes, then you can very easily pop over to Point Reye’s National Seashore and check out their slew of hiking trails along the coast with some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Doing some push-ups with Drake's Bay in the distance.

 Or, you can swing into Muir Woods where there is also ample trails to choose from.

A cool little hike into Muir Woods.

Want to go hiking outside of the Bay Area and have a few days to do it in? Why not Yosemite?

Breathtaking views and relaxing the footsies!

Needless to say, San Francisco, (and the Bay Area) doesn’t come #6 “Fittest City in America” according to the American College of Sports Medicine, for nothing! Get out there and be a part of it!

Tell me where YOUR favorite trekking and hiking trails are? What views make it all worth it for you at the top?

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4 Responses to Hiking and Trekking and Climbing…

  1. Tricia says:

    The most amazing feeling when you get to the top of a mountain. I love it. You realize you are but a small creature on this wonderful earth. I hike in New England – White Mountains, Green Mountains.

    The other great feeling is the physical accomplishment. It is strenuous and your legs will burn, but you are grateful.

  2. Mom says:

    We love to cycle in New Hampshire so we checked out opportunities for a ride in Napa when we visit Emily. We found this link that looks interesting.


  3. Emily says:

    Took a client for a hike tonight at Oat Hill Mine Trail tonight in Calistoga! 5 different trail options ranging from 5.7 miles to 10.7 miles! Great new little find!

  4. Terilynn says:

    Great hike last week up in Calistoga!! Thanks!

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