Small, Yet Significant Step To A Very Large Goal!

I started with a new client on July 5th, 2011 and we’ve been training together 3 times per week. He would be considered borderline morbidly obese, weighing in at over 400lbs. He finally came to a critical turning point in his life, after the Dr. looked him straight in the eye and said, “you HAVE TO lose weight,” he decided to join a gym and get a trainer – me!

The first day we met, I brought him through a series of movement assessments: He was unable to lift his right arm higher than chest level. He is so tight and has so much calcium build-up and scar tissue within the shoulder joint and muscles, that he has extremely limited range of motion. We started gradually building up his cardio endurance on an upright bike since he is currently unable to do the treadmill or an elliptical trainer because of the impact in his knees – but that doesn’t mean we won’t get him on one eventually! :)  One of my main objectives is to work on his stiff joint and muscles by foam rolling and stretching.  After 20-30 minutes of cardio, I have him spend the next 20 minutes foam-rolling his low back, upper back and arms (standing, against a wall – not on the floor) and stretching to try to increase the ROM.  2 weeks after our start day (it was a Monday) we started adding some resistance training for the upper body (single-arm cable chest presses, single-arm cable rows and torso cable rotations). When I saw him the following day (Tuesday) – on his own, doing his “homework,” he was excited to show me that he was able to actually touch the top of his head with his right hand – something he has not been able to do in nearly 15 years!!

A small yet significant step in a long, hard goal ahead. I just can’t wait to re-take his measurements and weigh him in at the beginning of August!

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2 Responses to Small, Yet Significant Step To A Very Large Goal!

  1. hannah says:

    yay! sounds awesome – i’m sure he’ll be running a few miles by the winter!

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