6-Months in, 72-Pounds Down!

I received a text message this morning that said,

“1st to finish, 25:21!! 40sec better than last time!”

It was a text message sent from my client, Eric. He had just finished a 5K race and was the first to cross the finish line. This is a client that I cannot be more proud of and not to mention, a personal trainer’s dream client!

Eric came to me in January, with a goal to lose 70lbs. I remember sitting with him in the office talking to him about his fitness goals. He patted his stomach and said, “I just need to get rid of this.”  I sensed a bit of desperation, like nothing he had tried on his own had worked before and he was ready to do anything. I could tell the first day we met he had so much life in him. He just wanted to feel better again!

We started training that evening – one of the first Thursdays in January and agreed to meet every Thursday from there on out until he felt comfortable on his own. We started simple, going through machines he had done before, but needed refreshing on – the muscles started to tingle and the distant memory of high school athletics soon came to a forefront. We discussed cardiovascular training and I gave him homework to do before we met again. The 2nd time we met, I kicked up the intensity and incorporated full-body, functional movements using solely dumbbells and cable machines. The lungs woke up and reminded him how long it had been since they had been used to full capacity. By the 3rd session, I had him doing interval training along with his full body movements using the stability ball, a bosu and some medicine balls. He was drenched by the end of the hour. And… He was hooked.

On his days off from meeting with me, he would practice everything that we did in previous sessions plus his 30+ minutes of cardio. He started coming in twice per day some days, and the weight started falling off. I pulled out all the stops in our sessions, pushed him to the point of complete muscle fatigue and exhaustion. We both looked forward to Thursday at 4:15. He looked forward to working out at an intensity he could never get to on his own and I loved pushing him beyond what he thought were his limits. Eric followed through on every piece of homework I threw at him, he was eating right and completely focused on his goal.  He signed up for the fight for air climb in San Francisco (raising money and awareness for the American Lung Association), so I had him start climbing stairs as part of his cardio. He completed the 52 floor stair climb in 14:49. He signed up for his first 5K soon after and I gave him a goal to finish under 30 minutes. He finished in 26:01. I convinced him to sign up for this most recent race (in the midst of his muscled building/non-endurance training phase), and he shaved 40 seconds off his first 5K, AND finished 1st! (Next goal: 10K, then some triathlons!) :)

We finished our training packages in May, Eric had lost 64 lbs and was around 20% body fat! The other day when I spoke to him he was weighing in at 192-lbs (72-lb loss) and when we took his body fat, it was 17.4%! Eric checks in with me weekly to discuss what he needs to do with his workouts and I retake his measurements monthly. We revise his training model every 6 weeks so he doesn’t get bored and he is now even studying for the NASM personal training certification exam to become a personal trainer!

Not everyone is as driven nor as focused as Eric when it comes to losing weight. Eric definitely had his ups and downs and times when he had no desire to come into the gym. I had to remind why he came to me in the first place. He is at a point now with his training that it is just part of his everyday life. His friends and family are in complete awe of his transformation and support him 100%.

Eric has played a major role in my career as a personal trainer and I feel honored to have played such a major roll in the last 6 months of his, now super-healthy, life!  Thank you Eric, you are amazing!

Read Eric’s testimonial!

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