Napa Valley Personal Trainer

April 20, 2015 by Emily

I work between downtown Napa and St. Helena, California (and everywhere in between). Due to scheduling logistics, I have to limit myself to within those borders. Currently, I cannot accommodate Santa Rosa, Fairfield, American Canyon, Vallejo, or Sonoma.


September TRX Training with Emily at HSNV!

September 4, 2013 by Emily

SHRED calories & burn fat in just 30 minutes!

Monday & Wednesday 8:00AM - FULL!

Monday & Wednesday 8:30AM - 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Monday & Wednesday 9AM - 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

(pro-rated for late comers)

8 Session Series – Sessions start - September 4th

CALL AND SIGN-UP!  707-967-8800

TRX…fun, purposeful, challenging, results-producing! To learn more about TRX suspension training visit or visit

Byron is waiting to cheer you on!!


Summer Workouts Had HIM a Blast! (In the “Grease,” “Summer Nights” tune, of course!)

August 17, 2013 by Emily

I had such a great measurement day with an in-home client yesterday, I feel the need to share!

I meet this client once per week  in his backyard and he does a great job on his own doing his homework and following his food plan. During our hour-long sessions, we use the stability ball, TRX Suspension Trainer, dumbbells, resistance tubing, a bosu and a BowFlex bench that he acquired a couple of years ago and up to our meetings, had been acting as a great bird perch in his backyard! Now, he has a new use for the BowFlex and weight-loss to make him want to continue using it (for the use it was originally designed for)!

He has been so much fun to train over the past 3 months and it has been inspiring and motivating watching him lose weight and inches month over month. Weight-loss and changing your body composition is NOT easy work. He has put in what it takes, however has also enjoyed BBQ-ing with his friends and family on weekends and was able to take his wife out for a surprise anniversary dinner which included appetizers, entrees AND desserts. It is still possible to enjoy life, and food in moderation, as long as you’re putting in the hard work to burn those calories!

Check out his measurement chart showing his continuos inches and weight loss month over month!

Victor Vallerga

Overcoming Physical and Mental Challenges With a Little Willpower and Hard Work!

July 1, 2013 by Emily

Halloween 2011

My name is Brian, and my journey to a healthier lifestyle began two years ago when I made the conscious decision to change my life forever. I grew up in a household of constant indulgence of every fatty food one could imagine, and I had no understanding of the human digestive system at all until my girlfriend (now my fiancée) showed me an easy way to learn the fundamentals of nutrition. I learned with the help of weight watchers, and my girlfriend’s own experiences in weight loss. After eight months of dedication to this one aspect of the healthy mind-body continuum I had lost seventy pounds of pure unadulterated FAT! Though the success of my endeavors had me soaring upon cloud nine I knew that a component was truly void from my voyage, EXERCISE!

At this point my choice became brilliantly apparent; I have to find a personal trainer. The question lied therein, “but who?” I searched through every personal trainer I could get my hands on in Napa, and after an arduous and diligent search I had deciphered whom I would hire based upon the criterion of price, knowledge, experience and practice, as well as certifications. Emily Lorandeau fit this description beyond doubt, and soon after my fiancée and I had booked ten sessions with Emily knowing not that she would change my life forever. There is no amount of ‘personal training’ videos or tutorials in the world that can amount to the true integral value of having a REAL trainer to assist in reaching goals, and ultimately the potential we all possess within. I am not going to lie and say that I started out with flying colors. I felt at times my fiancée and I were making Emily work harder than we were to keep up with our fumbles and follies.

Brian running the "Run for Your Lives 5K" in Clearlake, CA - May 2013

Brian running the “Run for Your Lives 5K” in Clearlake, CA – May 2013

There has never been a session where I was not challenged due to Emily’s progressive training style, and I can honestly say that after fourteen months of training with Emily I am a changed man. Challenging myself physically has made me aware of the mental barriers I create in my life because both are challenges that can be overcome by willpower and hard work. Without the guidance and support of both my fiancée and trainer I would be a heaping mess of anxiety, doubt, and quite honestly laziness! For these reasons and many more I have decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer myself, and I have Emily to thank for that because she has given me the knowledge–quite literally because I have read her certification books on loan–and drive to in hopes of one day meeting people just like myself who wish to unleash the hidden potential of their mind and body.

Eating Healthy! Grow Your Own!

April 22, 2013 by Emily

Veggie planting season is HERE! I am so excited about my own veggie garden, I figured I would post pictures to inspire anyone who is thinking about planting their own crops this season. I cannot wait until I can harvest these!!

Zucchini bikini!! Grilled zucchini in the summer is SO good and low-cal! Now… stuffed zucchini flowers on the other hand, amazingly delicious, but probably not the lowest cal option! ;)

Now THIS might be my most favorite and exciting part of my garden!! First season to produce. My favorite fruit of all time. Now if only I can keep the birds far away and leave these little guys alone!! Nectarines!!!

Any of you following me on Instagram (emilycaligirl) has seen my cute little herb wall, but now I’ve added a few more! Dill, basil, parsley, thyme, cilantro, oregano, mint and 2 types of chives (onion and garlic)!!! How great is it when you can pick your own, fresh, herbs for meals?!

April 22nd and I already have little, tiny, green tomatoes!! Keep the heat, Napa!!

Yummo Strawberries! These in some greek yogurt is one of my favorite breakfast options!

Sugar snap peas all climbing a trellis. Great way to hide anything ugly you might be storing behind the garden. In my case: garbage bins ;)

Hello little, baby cucumbers (can you see them?!)!! 4 cucumber plants and making then all climb a trellis rather than crawl on ground! Great space saver if you have a small garden space!

Lettuce for all the ah-mazing salads I will be making! Green beans are climbing the 3 green poles making a little green-bean-teepee to protect the lettuce from sunburn.

Red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, 2 padron pepper plants, jalapeño and red chili peppers!!! Can’t wait for summer guacamole with some heat!

Come visit us at InMotion Fitness this Thursday and enter to win some prizes!

March 22, 2013 by Emily

New Partnership with Napa Training Studio!

February 28, 2013 by Emily

I am happy to announce that I have partnered with a local personal training studio in Napa called In Motion Fitness!

In Motion Fitness is a state of the art personal training studio equipped with multiple TRX straps, a battle rope, bands for functional assisted pull-ups, and gymnastics rings.  There is a wall ball station loaded with slam and dynamax balls.  The studio has an assortment of speed and agility equipment including ladders, cones, hurdles, Crossfit equipment, kettlebells, BOSU balance trainers, and more. There are also new Precor cardiovascular equipment available for use before or after sessions.

In addition to meeting clients in the comfort of their own home or  in a local park, I now also have the ability to offer to my clients this state of the art facility!!

The facility is available only to health and fitness professionals and their clients.  Enjoy our clean, state of the art training facility with no members.  That means no more waiting for equipment and plenty of room for functional exercise.

Join us for the Fitness Fair on March 28th from 5:30pm to 7pm!


Happy New Year! TRX Classes at Health Spa Napa Valley Start THIS Week!

January 8, 2013 by Emily

The current round of TRX/functional training classes started Monday, January 7th, 2013! I still have space in some of the classes so contact me or the front desk at HSNV to get in! (We will pro-rate your fee)

Openings include:

MON/WED 8am: 1 spot left!

MON/WED 8:30am: 2 spots left!

MON/WED 9am: 1 spot left!

Get in NOW before someone else does!

New TRX Suspension Trainer Classes Start Monday August 6th!

August 7, 2012 by Emily

Inquire now and get pro-rated into a class of your choice!

Short and (not so) sweet 30-minute classes!

When: Monday and Wednesdays - 8am, 8:30am and 9am

Where: Health Spa Napa Valley – 1030 Main Street St. Helena

How: Contact me directly or call HSNV at (707) 967 8800

See you there!


Exercise on the Road!

July 1, 2012 by Emily

Currently, I have 2 clients traveling in Europe, 1 client in South America, 1 in Tahoe, 1 in Australia, 1 in Idaho, 1 in Washington D.C., 1 in Florida… well, you get the picture! For some people, their exercise program is put on hold during vacations, but for others, the main question I received before they left was:

“What am I going to do without training with you for the entire week [month, etc]?!”

It always concerns me when clients go away, because it throws them off their exercise schedule and many people just don’t workout for the week, or more, that they’re on vacation. All it takes is 2 weeks for people to start losing muscle, strength and coordination; everything that we had been working on for months prior to their vacation. It’s important to me when my clients return, and it’s measurement day, that we can see the weight and body fat is still going down and their circumference measurements are continuing in the right direction. If someone puts their workouts on hold for 2 weeks, there is a very good chance that those measurements are not going to be in our favor, and that is just discouraging (for BOTH of us)!

So, here’s the deal: There are NO EXCUSES when you’re traveling! Most vacation spots these days have trails to be hiked, beaches to be walked on and bicycles to be rented. So, do it! Don’t be a lump in your lounge chair drinking beer/wine and eating s’mores all week. For those of us going on a business trip or are a part of an organized tour group chance are, we are staying in a hotel, and chances are that hotel has some kind of workout room somewhere in that building. If not, I have created a hotel room workout and all you need is the standard hotel room furniture and your body weight against gravity!

Ottoman = Step-ups. Bed = Decline Push-ups. Chair = Tricep Dips. Window = Rip Trainer anchor point. Hotel room = great full-body workout! All with a great view! ;)




So seriously, no more excuses, you travelers!




**This program is a generic routine. It does not take into consideration knee, back, shoulder or other musculoskeletal issues or cardiovascular limitations. If you have any health concerns, please consult with me or another fitness/health professional before carrying out these exercises. Do not continue with these exercises if you experience any joint pain or an irregular heartbeat**



Jumping jacks/jog in place – 5-10mins

Circuit 1 (core/spine):

Prone back extensions – 15 reps

Bridge with spinal articulation – 12-15 reps

Crunches – 25 reps

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 2 (legs, chest, abs):

Squats (or squat/jumps) – 15-20 reps

Push-ups – 15+ reps

Bicycle crunches – 15+/- reps each side

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 3 (legs, core, cardio interval):

Walking or stationary lunges (depending on space) – 15 reps on each side

Plank (Alternate leg lift) – 1 minute hold

Burpees – 30 seconds – 1 min

Repeat 1-2 more times

Circuit 4 (legs, core, cardio interval):

Step-ups (using hotel desk chair) – 12-15 reps each leg

Side plank (lower/lift hips) – 10-12 lower/lifts each side

Mountain climbers – 30 seconds – 1 minute

Repeat 1-2 more times



Voila wanderlusters! Enjoy your trip!